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"Let the Buyer Beware" is an adage to go by in today’s Bangalore as it is fast reaching a metropolitan status. The price of property is soaring, and with the infamous land mafia buyer’s have to be absolutely certain before becoming parties To any Agreement to sell. With the rise in prices of real estate the volume of litigation is also on the fast pedestal. Any Buyer before entering into an agreement must and should scrutinize the following documents incase of Residential / Commercial properties.

  1. The mother deed which is the parent deed along with the antecedents which show the flow of title.
  2. The encumbrance as on date which well depict the present status of the land is regard of and encumbrances
  3. An assessment extracts which states the assessed Tax payable.
  4. The latest Tax paid receipts.
  5. The Khatha extract which would depict the present owner of the land.
  6. The sanctioned plan of the building to ascertain if there is any illegal construction.
  7. A Layout plan if the land has been converted (a new layout) to residential status.
Incase Of Agricultural Land.
  1. The R.T.C which is the mother deed depicting the ownership rights.
  2. Mutation registers which would show to flow of title.
  3. Encumbrance extract.
  4. Index of Land – Which would ascertain the ownership rights?
  5. Khatha as to on whose name the land stands.
  6. The family tree – A record of the family tree of the vendor attested by the Gram Panchayat, this is to ascertain if there are any claimants apart from the disclosed vendors.
  7. No Tenancy endorsement from the D.Cs office to ensure that there is no tenancy.
  8. A survey sketch – depicting the extent of the land. It could also be advisable to issue a paper publications, inviting the general public to raise a claim/objections if any, As the concept of “ Let The Buyer Beware “ is more applicable now than ever, with all the antisocial elements and the land mafia engaged in land grabbing. Once the property has been transferred it should be fenced appropriately to avoid encroachments.

A Buyer could also check with the registry of the Jurisdictional court to ensure that there is no pending litigation. Before entering into any agreement it is advisable to contact an advocate for professional assistance.

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